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You only pay interest on the remaining loan balance.

A reducing balance interest calculation formula can be represented like this: Interest Payable per Installment = Interest Rate per Installment * Remaining Loan Amount The interest rates quoted for such loans are the Effective Interest Rate, which is the same as the interest rates used for Fixed Deposits (FD) and Savings Accounts.

Just don’t hype it up too much if the restaurant ends up being a sports bar or something slightly less than romantic.

This one is so easy that it’s crazy more men haven’t picked up on it. “Guys aren’t crafty like girls.” “I don’t know how to be sentimental.” Grow up boys.

You don’t necessarily need to gift diamond rings and pricey purses to prove your love.

Hats, scarves, earrings, necklaces, socks–the options are endless when it comes to much more affordable accessories for your girl.

Just tell her to be ready by a certain time and whisk her away to the restaurant.

It will leave her in suspense and more excited than usual.

Hair ties, candles, a new phone case or a tiny stuffed animal are also good small gifts.

She’ll love this personalized basket of things you picked out just for her.

Whether it’s hot cocoa or hard liquor, she’ll want to snuggle up and chug it down the second she opens up your gift.

Making sophisticated drinks is always fun and romantic. Try throwing in some fun new glassware to pour your beverages into as well.

Even if that homemade card looks like a third grader did it or the accessory you pick out ends up at the bottom of her closet, you put a smile on her face and showed her you really care.

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