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Korea is a dating nation and they have mastered holidays and quirky ways for young couples to enjoy dating.

See some of the fun activities to enjoy while dating or spending time with your lover in the ROK.

Valentine’s Day is celebrated in February and is for the gentlemen to be showered with gifts and love.

In March, the girls get to celebrate White Day and be pampered and fed chocolate for a day.

There are even some stores dedicated to only selling matching attire!

Most underwear stores here also display matching couples undergarments in their windows.

Whether they only have matching tennis shoes on or the whole shebang, you can tell which youngsters are couples and proud of it.

Some find this cheesy, but after being here awhile it really is kind of cute.

On this day couples go to a photo studio and get professional photos or a fun photo booth stand.

Many couples go sing it out their love for eachother at a noraebong (private karaoke rooms) and have someone take a photo of them from behind singing love songs to eachother.

This is done in hopes each other will have a lovely year together.

You will need one of these diaries to also keep track of all their crazy holidays. Girls will often buy or even better make chocolates for their lucky lad on this day. Couples apparently wear yellow on this significant day and exchange roses or flowers.

In Insadong, at Ssamziegil shopping center, you can leave a love tag on the top floor with a little message like we did! Living here you will see most convenient stores or grocery stores with a special section of candy, flowers, or cutesy gifts for each holiday.

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