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Depuis sa fondation en 1969, Verbatim a modelé le développement des technologies de stockage de données.

Depuis les disquettes jusqu'aux CD, DVD et supports Blu-ray haute définition, ainsi que jusqu'aux disques durs externes, cartes mémoire Flash, clés USB et cartes SSD, l'étendue de l'influence et du portefeuille de Verbatim sur le secteur du stockage est sans égale.

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This is now showing up in official inflation data, which at the latest reading sat at 2.9%.

In normal circumstances, such high inflation would likely push the bank to increase rates, but it must also balance the fact that the wider British economy is set to slow sharply in 2017, driven by Brexit-related uncertainty, and that the sharp growth in inflation seen in the UK right now is likely to be temporary.

Those members cited concerns about inflation overshooting its government mandated target of 2% substantially in recent months as their reason for backing a hike.

Falling sterling has pushed up the price of importing goods, passing through to everyday items that regular Brits buy.

Au cours des cinq dernières années, elle a connu la plus grande part de marché au niveau mondial pour les disques optiques enregistrables vendus, toutes marques confondues*.

Dans le cadre du groupe Mitsubishi Chemical, Verbatim bénéficie de capacités exceptionnelles de recherche et développement, multipliant les innovations qui ont modelé le secteur du stockage mondial tel qu'il existe aujourd'hui.While the bank held rates, the dissent of three members of the MPC suggests that a hike in rates – likely back to the 0.5% level where the bank’s base rate stood for close to seven years before last summer – could be close.“Inflation could rise above 3% by the autumn, and is likely to remain above the target for an extended period as sterling’s depreciation continues to feed through into the prices of consumer goods and services,” the bank’s monetary policy statement said.7-2 more realistic.” Ben Brettell, senior economist at Hargreaves Lansdown has different perspective.“It seems the willingness of the MPC to ‘look through’ higher inflation and leave rates on hold is wearing thin, and if inflation continues to surprise we could see higher rates by the end of the summer,” wrote in an emailed statement.That means interest rates stayed at a record low of 0.25%, and the bank’s QE programmes remain capped at £435 billion, despite the surge in the rate of inflation to the highest level since mid-2013.

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