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The major difference between people who uses cochlear implant that deny to join the deaf community, “….schools (both in classrooms, on campus, and in the dorms), Gallaudet students and alumni (NTID & CSUN too), Mainstream schools that use ASL, big Deaf college programs, Deaf clubs, Deaf organizations, Deaf associations, Deaf chatrooms, Deaf blog sites,….” is the pursuit of lifestyle. How about a prosthetic leg, cataract repair, shunt, or any of the other artificial devices that save or improve human lives? You keep going to the conventions only – not others.

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Europe Deaf dating sites category is the best recourse of dating sites where deaf singles and hard of hearing singles from Europe can meet, flirt and connect with each other over the internet.

Sign up on any European dating site you want and get free access to all unique dating services such us instant messenger, extended search, personal profiles of deaf people and chat rooms.

Here is the list of organizations that host ongoing CI events: Cochlear Celebration Minuteman Implant Club AGBell HLAA The League for the Hard of Hearing Georgia Peach Cochlear Implant Association If any of you CI users or parents of CI users know other CI organizations that host events, please let me know! Perhaps building bridges is not your reason for commenting here?

One last note: While I certainly have CI friends with whom I have bonded, one very important thing to me is that my friendships are not limited to others who are deaf, that the majority of my close friends are hearing, and I am just one of the crowd, something that would not have been the case if I could not hear and speak. Look at the bigger picture, how many deaf people that use cochlear implant are successful compare to the ASL users? Platonic’s Eye - Following your argument that CIs are not natural, does that then mean that you wouldn’t get a pacemaker if you needed one?

I get tired of people saying “God made this and that for us.” Well, God also made crystal meth and cocaine and alcohol and fat people and gay people and pedophiles and heroin and so forth.

Why are those not ok while CIs and pacemakers are ok?The power is in our hands and we communicate our emotional and thoughts freely. If I decide to participate in AGBELL conference type and with no question, I will be rejected and I will not enjoy the limited view of our lifestyle, its prohibition of ASL usage, and the history of eugenic movement. On other side of coin, cochlear implant user decide to participate in our world of ASL, culture, and high quality of lifestyle. “No cochlear implant team, which adheres to standards of medical ethics, would lead parents to believe that the implant is an easy fix.Member of cochlear implant should inform parents that there is an alternative lifestyle available to their child that they should explore prior to making a decision.” “Using deaf children as lab rats and medical guinea pigs is profoundly disturbing.” Controversies in otolaryngology By Myles L Pensak There are ALOT of Deaf (ASL, Oral, CI) and hearing people that would agree with me, I’m sure.For more than 11 years the dating site has been a trusted friend to deaf, ASL and hard hearing people from all countries of the world.From our first experience in dating this unique dating site has been to keep visitors and loyal members up-to-date with the...We were basically babbling about hotties in our schools, our favorite TV shows and movies, and music.

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