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An assault by schoolmate De Angelo Bailey that left Marshall hospitalized was the most notable such incident, which Marshall would later recount in greatly exaggerated form on the track "Brain Damage" (The Slim Shady LP, 1999).

When Kim became pregnant, this further increased Marshall's drive to succeed through concern over the welfare of his new family.

He discusses this in "Never Far" (Infinite, 1996), saying "I got a baby on the way, I don't even got a car...

His childhood was further marred by his family's meager financial status, which was the primary reason for the continuous moving, during which Marshall and his mother Debbie would often find themselves living in public housing, mobile homes, and under the care of relatives, such as Marshall's great-aunt Edna, whom he mentions in "Evil Deeds" (‘‘Encore’’).

During this time, Debbie was legally taking the prescription drugs Vicodin and Valium, though Marshall later claimed in numerous interviews and songs that she was abusing the drugs,[2] to which Debbie retaliated with a lawsuit pressing defamation charges (see below). This was not the first time someone suggested Debbie had the disorder, as a social worker had made similar comments following a 1996 investigation of her mistreatment of Nathan Samra-Mathers, her second child, 14 years Marshall's junior.

In the song "Cleaning Out My Closet" (The Eminem Show, 2002), Marshall also accuses Debbie of having Munchausen syndrome by proxy, adding that "my whole life I was made to believe I was sick when I wasn't... Before dropping out of Lincoln High School Warren as a 9th grader at the age of 17 (after failing ninth grade three times), Marshall made a number of significant acquaintances at the school.

This included fellow rapper Proof, who was to become one of his closest friends, the Runyon Avenue Soldiers, and future wife Kimberly Ann "Kim" Scott, with whom he soon developed a long-term relationship.

I still stay with my moms..gotta make some hit records or something [because] I'm tired of being broke..." When the Infinite album failed to generate the revenue and acclaim he had hoped for, and Kim ended their relationship, preventing him from seeing his newborn child, Marshall decided to take his own life.

However, his suicide attempt using an overdose of Tylenol analgesics failed, and Marshall resumed his efforts to succeed in the music industry and reconcile with Kim.[3] He ultimately succeeded in doing both, marrying Kim on June 14, 1999 in St. The couple's daughter, Hailie Jade Scott, born December 25, 1995 would grow to become an important part of Marshall's life, as he became dedicated to giving her everything he himself was deprived of in his childhood, including a father figure and financial security.

With the enormous success of his sophomore album The Marshall Mathers LP following its release in May 2000, and its subsequent nomination for four Grammy awards including Album of the Year, critics such as GLAAD denounced his lyrics as homophobic, while others complained that it was also extremely misogynistic and violent.

However, he has received a great deal of praise within the hip-hop community for his lyrical ability.

He is the second-highest selling rapper of all time, behind Tupac Shakur, though the latter has had several posthumous albums released.

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