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The music all stems from the same place, and it allows you to go in different directions with the content and the lyrics and the kind of vibe that's going on in each song." Adventure and uniqueness were practically built in to Cam from the outset.

Camaron Marvel Ochs was born in the waterfront Southern California town of Huntington Beach, she spent big chunks of her youth at her grandparents' horse ranch in Oceanside, where the tractor was red and the barn was blue.

As the arrangements or instrumentation changed, the lyrics invariably got tweaked, too.

"Varsity Blues came out, and everybody wore cowboy boots to school," Cam recalls.

"And everybody listened to Tim Mc Graw and the Dixie Chicks and Shania Twain." That included Cam, who identified with the values of home and community that are central to the genre.

In a rare situation, she's now signed to both the country (Arista Nashville) and pop (RCA Records) labels - she sees herself as a country act, but if her music breaks out of the genre or finds an audience overseas, the pop division is waiting in the wings.

Many of her songs went through major revisions even after she signed her deal, a reflection of Cam's evolution as an artist and her dogged pursuit of a distinctive sound.

Through that process, Cam learned music theory, harmony, structure and tone. The school is centered in farmland outside of Sacramento, part of the same ring of small-town suburbs that includes Folsom, a town that would become vital to the legend of Johnny Cash. Cam had already begun to connect to diverse brands of music - she was drawn to strong, indie-rock females and to singer/songwriters in her casual listening at the same time she was singing classical music with the choral group.

But country music was a big part of the social scene at Davis, and it became an important element in her self-expression.

"But if I'm going to invest my time in the work part of it, the music just has to be me." The "me" that Cam presents to the world is multi-dimensional.

She's powerfully vulnerable in "Burning House," fierce and defiant in "Runaway Train," effervescent and carefree in "My Mistake." And the emotions in the material aren't the only thing that separates those titles - every song incorporates a different sonic palette.

Her mother had an executive position in construction management at a time when those jobs were reserved almost exclusively for men.

In turn, their independent, self-reliant streak was instilled in Cam, particularly after the family relocated to northern California.

While the attention was a boon, wheels were already in motion behind the scenes with label meetings in Nashville when Bhasker got Cam a meeting in New York with RCA Records Chairman & CEO Peter Edge and President & COO Tom Corson.

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