Dynamic updatepanel not updating

I already checked out similar questions but I believe this is a diferent scenario.I will be very thankfull to anybody that could help. So I resolved my problem on my original project some other way, but I thought I might as well post the answer to what I did in case somebody has the same problem, the they might use the same solution.

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Since I was depending on the page_init to run again after the update just to update the new value for my control and this wasn't happing, then a possible solution would be to update the value of the control in the check box changed event, where as the label is already created, and in the next page life cycle run, it would persist its value.

So the only thing I changed was the Chk Change Text Click Event and the end result was: Come to think about it, its a more simple approach, in my original project I have several dynamic controls and I just set a pattern in my controls ID to find the ones I need and change the values.

I don't know about others, but for me it was a little difficult to use javascript along with google apis in ASP.

Net pages, specifically if you want to use server side functions to draw google map dynamically.

If you try to work with one of these controls, and your website doesn't contain the required web.config file, errors appear in the This walkthrough introduced the basic concepts of using a Timer control and an Update Panel control to enable partial-page updates.

You must add a Script Manager control to any page that contains an Update Panel control or Timer control.

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