English dating sim

They are very popular and have been being produced for a long time!

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Each morning you decide Daisuke's schedule for the day from a number of choices, and these choices determine what stats he raises if he earns money, and how is romance goes with girls.

It's a very choice-driven game, and what you decide to do will definitely change the outcome!

They have been around for quite a long time, though of course, the games have changed since their debut.

However, the point of a dating sim must always remain the same - to successfully romance the character of your choice.

These themes are in a lot of today's games as well!

If you're looking to play a classic game some time to expand your dating simulator knowledge, True Love is still a fun play through.

You take control of (usually) a character played in the first person, so that character can be YOU.

Then, in whatever plot and setting the game has, you choose which person you want to try to romance and win the heart of.

From famous Japanese titles like Amnesia to Korea's incredibly popular Mystic Messenger, and free fan-made games like Re: Alistair - dating simulators are here to stay!

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