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For you folks already pretending to be dwarves on the Internet for three hours a week, I’ll have plenty of topics to cover concerning you in the coming weeks – just sit tight.But hey, you might learn a thing or two anyway, so read on.that produces quality audio both outbound and inbound: the Steel Series Arctis 3.

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or some other game of Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) on Twitch. At any rate, I want to help you get into this amazing game either as a player or a Dungeon Master (or a Game Master, if you’re playing a different kind of tabletop game) in the same way I did just two short years ago. And, yes, I live my days in regret that I hadn’t dove into this glorious game sooner, with more time and fewer worries on my hands.

Nailing the timing it takes to maintain the fun, witty banter that can make your fantasy characters come to life will take, well, time.

But, your games played online will be that much better for it – plus, the skill well applies to games at the table, too.

Namely, those friction points come down to video and audio.

So, here’s how to nip those potential trouble makers in the bud: When it comes to webcams, if you’re playing on a Windows desktop or laptop, I suggest the Microsoft Life Cam HD-3000 (pictured above).

While all you really need is a Skype account or Gmail address and a computer with an internet connection (even the webcam is optional!

), there are simply more points of friction between your performance as a dwarf and how well your friends (and their characters) receive that performance, much less hearing or seeing basic communication.

When you can’t get a word in edgewise because of the limitations of technology (and, honestly, human empathy), such an amazing game becomes a lot less fun.

Besides, why do you think news anchors and expert panels on TV shows never talk over one another – well, let’s ignore CNN – on air?

To have to compete with the instant gratification of the internet that’s so much easier to do in secret from behind a screen … I know, playing a game through a web browser service like makes the temptation even worse.

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