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I like my cleaning as effortless as possible and, if I have to put in too much effort, my husband finds that I instead resort to instructing him and standing in the doorway passing judgement.Thats not to say that I dont clean, but if Im totally honest I usually avoid the day-to-day tasks and will wait until Im really bored and then do a deep clean of one particular room. On top of his house-cleaning efforts, my husband works full time in a managerial position and has a 1.5 hour commute (each way).

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20 Netmums members have been testing the Krcher Window Vac and have been leaving their reviews in the thread below why not have a read and see what they think!

The Krcher Window Vac gives you streak-free windows in a flash.

They take ages to clean and keep smudge free and it's so annoying when you splash water onto them when you are washing your hands as you know it will leave a mark.

In seconds the mirror was clean and smudge free and for this I can see it being a huge time saver and superior in the end result. So far I have used the window Vac on the inside of my windows, my wall to wall mirrors and my kitchen cupboard doors.

I much prefer using a Jay cloth and a bottle of Windolene.

Less mess and you can just throw the cloth away rather than having to wash the pad in the washing machine.

The Vac is whats wonderful and what people would be buying, not a glorified jay cloth and spray bottle.

If it came up in conversation, would you recommend the Krcher Window Vac to a friend or family member or not? Next time I visit my parents I am under strict instructions to bring the Karcher Vac with me so they can try it out. I like the additional head too so that I can do my shower screen. I am planning on using it in the car in the winter when the windscreen has condensation on it.

I will take it with me when I go upstairs to clean the bathroom so that I can easily dry tiles and the shower screen. I think we just got used to them being a bit grubby, all because it was depressing to spend so long cleaning windows to then have the dirt replaced with annoying smears and bits you've missed.

I'm afraid I'm not a fan of the spray cloth that comes with the product.

When Im not asleep Im typically lying on the sofa complaining about how our unborn daughter is crushing me, and making me feel sick (I have medication-controlled hyperemesis gravidarum), and Im usually also casting an eye around whatever room Im in and wondering how the house will ever be ready in time for her arrival because, if our situation didnt seem messy enough already, its also worth me pointing out that we started redecorating a week before I found out that I was pregnant.

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