Error while updating filelist not working copy

Thanks go to Rakeesh, who originally posted this workaround at forums.

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I tried a couple of other things, like grabbing an older PS/2 keyboard and connecting it via a PS/2 to USB adapter. It was at this point I decided to start Googling my problem, and low and behold I quickly discovered that Windows 7 does not have drivers for USB 3.0 built in.

In fact, it doesn’t even know what to do with those ports once the BIOS hands over control to the installer image.

We now have a promising Microsoft Visual Fox Pro 9.0 entry in the fancy new Windows 10 Start menu: Now, I finally get to find out if we can run the fully patched Microsoft Visual Fox Pro 9.0 SP2 Version .7423 on Windows 10.

So, I launch it from the Start menu, and quickly go the Help – About screen: If you launch VFP 9 it will initially show the the Task Pane, but you will get a small error in the view area of the Task Pane window.

Next, we need to get the files we need to install/add the drivers on.

Open up your USB thumb drive that has your Windows 7 image on it and navigate to the Sources folder.After that command finishes, try mounting the wim that was giving you errors again and adding the drivers.*Thanks to Jason for pointing out the dism /cleanup-wim command.My motherboard used Intel USB 3.0 drivers, and so I downloaded the latest version from Intel’s site.Look up your Motherboard’s drivers and see which ones you need.You can list all the indexes and their contents by typing in: It will give you the output of the different installers and their indexes: If you want to update all of them you will have to repeat the below process for the indexes you want to update.

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