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Having viewed the fox as he emerged at a run from the back covert at Andor, I crested the hill across from Atlanta Hall Farm and angled across Dempsey’s toward the bottom.

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The traditional location for the meet is Atlanta Hall Farm, the home of the Voss family for the better part of the last century.

One of the loveliest spots in the Monkton area known as My Lady’s Manor, it is consecrated by the sort of natural grace that knows no denomination.

One of the wonderful, if little known, Christmas traditions in the countryside surrounding Baltimore is the Christmas Eve fox hunt.

While the signature holiday fox hunting day of the year would be Thanksgiving, which comes stuffed with the pomp & circumstance of the blessing of the hounds and large crowds gathered in beautiful country churchyards, the Christmas Eve fixture has a charm all its own.

“Well,” he said, obviously relishing the chance to exercise his famously dry wit, “at least HE did it well.” For those interested in viewing the spectacle this year, the field begins gathering at a.m. Michael Finney has spent a lifetime around horses and has labored as a journeyman in many related fields, including racing, polo and several years as professional fox hunting staff.

His ambition is to one day earn the title of “horseman.” He is the owner of Yoicks!

It usually happens in full view of everyone and the entertainment value given to those watching feels like my gift to the day’s greater enjoyment.

For an even closer look, please consult the following excerpt taken from my hunting diary, dating to 2004.

, a former Baltimore County shop that moved to Saratoga Springs, New York last year.

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