over 40 dating club - Ex boyfriend is dating another girl

We fought a lot, but had some really good times as well. I found out the girl living in another country so she went back ...

I drove him away by becoming needy, clingy, always questioning him and starting to become bitter. During the past week he has been hanging out and constantly talking to this girl he met 2 weeks ago. stupid me continue taking his calls and seeing him we ended up getting back together we travel to different country and try to make things work ...

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He started sending me flowers, letters, bought me gifts for my birthday, and would tell me how much he aboslutely loved me and knew we were soulmates.

That I was the one for him and he didn’t want to be with anyone else.

I asked him if we did hang out, and he saw change in me, would he consider getting back with me... It is hurting me so much that he is hanging out with another girl..were going out for 5 years, we were best of friends as well! No, there is no way you can be friends, it will be too painful for you.

STOP all contact with him, delete him from facebook or whatever social network you use, delete his number, and focus on not contacting him. No contact will prevent you from getting more hurt, it is already a very painful thing to be dumped, imagine how more painful it will be to still contact the one you love, and seeing him/her with another person? Some people (guys or girls) just have it more confortable talking to other people,, and even having a new relationship short after a break up, this is just a thing to keep them distracted from the pain, they don't want to suffer the agony of breaking up. He is confused, guilty, and he can't make good decisions in this state of mind.

But at one moment, they will face reality, and they will feel sad.

Right now he feels guilty, that's why he is telling you she is just a friend, but PLEASE, don't ask about this girl and don't velice his lies. Apparently she is just a 'friend' and she is a 'really nice person.' I think he is developing feelings for her. I reluctantly agreed to be friends with him last night. It hurts so bad So bad I feel like dying 😭 By entering this site you declare you are 18 or older, you read and agreed to its Terms, Rules & Privacy and you understand that your use of the site's content is made at your own risk and responsibility.I want him back though, Im not prepared to let him go just yet. It is even worth me being 'friends' with him to try and win him back. He ignored me for a few days then I confronted him over text where he told me that he was going on a date saturday.He planned it two days after our talk and wanted to go on it and assess his feelings afterward.He explained to me that he experienced depression and began pushing away the most important people in his life.

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