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The absolute reference is necessary to get an accurate count when evaluating a range instead of a row or column.

If you're working with a stable range where the dimensions don't increase, this solution works fine.

Specifically, replace the absolute range reference with the name of the new Table, as shown in Figure F.

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Figure F When you create a Table object, Excel names it — use that name or give it a more meaningful name yourself.

Click anywhere inside the Table, and then click the Design contextual Tab.

You can work with a simple data set of your own or download the demonstration file.

Figure A shows a simple data set of several columns and rows.

In this example, we'll look at three ways to do the same thing — get dependent functions to update automatically when you expand a data range.

Specifically, we'll count string occurrences across several columns rather than one.

Figure H The column reference shown in Figure I handles new rows as-is.

The sheet must be clear of other data below the data range, because the column reference evaluates the entire column (including the header cell).

Figure G The Table solution is my favorite, but it might not be practical for you.

Excel's Table object, while powerful, does have a few limitations.

Excel sheets grow — sometimes by adding new functionality, but most often, by simply adding new data.

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