Female dating anxiety

It’s a self-fulfilling prophecy; I worry so much about the prospect of blushing that I end up going even redder. Whenever I get it, I feel as if my body is betraying me.

The problem is, unless I wear a balaclava, there’s no way to hide a flushed face. However confident or self-assured I come across, the rash on my chest and neck undermines me, and tells the world that I’m not sure of myself.

It’s frustrating, but I’m learning to live with it.

My stomach is doing backflips that could rival an Olympic gymnast.

And, the sound of my heart thumping is so loud I wonder if my date can hear it.

I manage my anxiety using a few methods that have worked for me, but many people with anxiety seek help from health professionals, which can be very effective. The prospect of approaching a good-looking stranger in person fills me with absolute horror. When I’m messaging a match on Tinder or Hinge, I feel more confident and reassured just knowing that I talk to a member of the opposite sex without blushing or feeling sick.

Getting to know someone ahead of a date really helps to assuage any fears I have about first encounters.

Underneath my high-neck dress, I can feel the red-hot rash spreading across my chest.

I wait for my date to look away before I take a sip of my drink, so he won't see my hands shake.

Behind my smile, my cheeks are beginning to ache from attempting to hide any trace of nervousness.

They feel like they’re burning; and my self-consciousness turns them an even deeper shade of scarlet.

Just knowing that I have conversation topics to fall back on significantly reduces my anxiety.

When it comes to the date itself, I often panic about the physical manifestations of social anxiety. There’s not much you can do when your face is bright red, other than hope your date is attracted to rosy complexions.

Ratings in opposite-sex and in same-sex situations were strongly correlated with each other for both male and female subjects, suggesting that dating anxiety may be part of a broader pattern of social difficulty for both men and women.

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