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Everyone carries on being friends, just as my husband did with the women in that church. I'd had a sheltered middle-class upbringing in London, where my father was a PR consultant and my mother a housewife. My oldest sister (I'm one of five children) was living in Paris.Two of my friends were setting off on a trip around Europe and, on the spur of the moment, I decided to go with them as far as Paris. Instead her flatmate, Laurent, answered the phone and offered to pick me up.Laurent was chatting to another male guest, so I wandered next door to see.

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Cultured, as only the French can be, and with a career in management consultancy, he exuded an intellectual self-confidence.

More significantly, he exuded sexual self-confidence. In England, I'd always felt I had to make the first move.

Omitting them from the guest list would have been unthinkable.

After all, most of them had been friends of my husband's since his school days and, until I came on the scene, some had been drifting in and out of his bed for years.

As though the feminist movement had put them on their guard with women for ever. It was obvious, from the start, that in our sex life he would lead. When I told him I was too young, he wasn't put off.

He simply carried on his pursuit when I returned to Oxford. He knew the way to win me would be to play hard to get.Then he would turn up at dawn under my window, proclaiming his love. But our apparent similarities masked a totally different attitude to the most integral part of marriage: sex.The wedding was unsettling enough with the eyes of all those other women boring into my back at the altar.But seeing this congregation of his former lovers hammered home the gulf between our two cultures.I didn't know it at the time, but I was stepping into a world where educated middle-class - and married - people hopped into bed with one another free of guilt and free of consequences.The first time I realised just how differently the French view sex was at my wedding.

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