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I’m proud to help host Limit Break Radio with my friends and co-hosts. I’m always on the lookout to do Assaults and am always happy to hear from fans. Contact Me: [email protected] Job: Thief Secondary, Ranger and Black Mage One of the most notorious and infamous Thieves to be born out of Windurst, Kallo Landis is Limit Break Radio’s resident Rogue.For the past 5 years he’s traveled all across Vana’diel seeking treasures and riches beyond anyones wildest dreams.

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Step 1: Download Skype OR use a cell phone or land line Step 2: Make sure you have a headset or a microphone Step 3: Call the username limitbreakradio OR dial 810-515-8715 Step 4: Leave a voicemail Pretty easy, no? A talent not just behind the mic, but in all things audio, he is sometimes referred to by fellow LBR crew members as an “audiomancer”.

Voicemails are limited to 10 minutes in length and be sure to include your character name and server. In Eorzea, Aniero is the darkest of Dark Knights wielding his great sword with deadly precision and bloodthirsty enthusiasm.

With razor sharp wit he keeps the rest of the hosts on their toes, be they friend or foe.

Since the beginning of Limit Break Radio, he’s held many disciples from Daggers to Bows, Devastating Magic to Fists, the one constant is that he’s always drawn back to the shadows and his roguish ways.

Juxta Position has yet to miss an episode of FFXIV’s Limit Break Radio — a trend he intends to maintain! There will be a set day that episodes come out so you can always plan your LBR fix well in advance. Guests were a large part of the original LBR, and we don’t intend to cut them out of the new format.

Contact Me: [email protected]’s the motto for the show? Why should I listen to you guys instead of some other FF based podcasts out there? While our static crew is now assembled, we’ll need guests for certain episodes and events.

After 23 years living as a hermit in the mountains of Tibet, he emerged, ready to podcast once more.

Aniero contacted him around that time and plans for the return of Limit Break Radio were soon going full force.

Over 2000 dollars was raised over the course of the 25 hour stream, and stands as his greatest achievement to date.

Contact Me: [email protected] Break Radio’s ever race changing host is back and has never been hornier!

From his intern debut as a Tarutaru in FFXI, to his full fledged host Miqo’te in FFXIV, Juxta has always brought a unique, troll-ish spin on LBR.

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