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For those suffering from hearing loss, the following decibel (d B) values refer to the amount of additional sound energy they would need (relative to someone with normal hearing) in order to perceive a given sound: Students with a hearing disability have a number of assistive tools at their disposal.

Some assistive technology, such as a hearing aid, is fairly well known and common among those with more serious impairments.

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Hearing aids usually fit around the ear or inside the ear canal.

Due to the potential to be overly conscious that someone might notice the hearing aid, college students may prefer the in-the-canal hearing aids, custom-fitted so that they are practically impossible to notice.

Today’s wide range of tools, devices and systems can help students who are deaf or hard of hearing thrive in an educational setting.

However, that doesn’t mean a college degree is out of reach.

However, some tools on the following list may not be as popular, at least to those who either work with or teach students who use them.

Let’s see which tech tools are helping make classrooms – and learning environments in general – more accommodating for students with hearing loss.

Washington created Bearly Articulating, a company that provides multisensory tutoring online and in-home, college planning, and professional development to support the unique educational needs of learners struggling in reading, writing, spelling, speaking and other scholastic aspects of formal education. Deafness Deafness refers to a level of hearing loss severe enough that the individual is limited in her or his ability to process acoustical language, whether they are using assistive listening devices or not.

The next few sections explain the different degrees of hearing loss, as well as define the following three commonly used terms: deaf, deafness and hard of hearing.

The internal components consist of a receiver that collects the processed sound data and converts them into electrical signals, and electrodes that apply the electrical signals to the cochlea.

The brain then interprets these electrical signals as sound.

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