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In the hours leading up to the outbreak, Sarah gives him a new watch as a birthday gift to replace the one he had broken months before.

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During the early hours of September 27th, 2013, Joel's struggle to raise a child on his own is interrupted when the infection breaks out and Joel is forced to take his daughter out of town, just hours after his birthday.

He is forced to shoot his neighbor dead in self defense.

From central and convenient to quiet and tucked away, explore a mountain of options and let your taste buds be your guide.

9mm Pistol, Revolver, Hunting Rifle, Bow, Shotgun, Shorty, Military Sniper, El Diablo, Flamethrower, Assault Rifle, 2x4, Shiv, Pipe, Baseball Bat, Machete, Hatchet, Molotov Cocktail, Nail Bomb, Smoke Bomb Joel is a major character and the playable protagonist of The Last of Us, the deuteragonist of The Last of Us Part II, and a supporting character in The Last of Us: Left Behind.

Joel’s conscience slowly dwindles away as he shuts down his emotions to cope to his new life.

Joel was born on September 26, most likely between 19, and grew up in Texas alongside his younger brother Tommy.

Joel raised Tommy through their childhood, to which the pair heavily struggled with.

Not much is known regarding Joel's early childhood other than he noted that, during his youth, he initially aspired to become a singer.

He appeared to possess ambitions of starting his own business, with a copy of "Everything You Need to Know About Creating a Startup" also on a table next to his bed.

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