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This had a somewhat annoying effect on non-Comic Chat users (although it could be disabled). Although the program can still be downloaded and still works with most IRC servers, it is infrequently used today because MSN decided to get out of the chat business, and turned off its servers.

Comic Chat was released with the full downloads of Internet Explorer 3, 4, and 5, as well as in the Windows 98 and Windows 2000 distributions. In December 1996, The Microsoft Network introduced a show-based format, in which high quality multimedia content was produced around several themes.

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Created and produced at MSN by Mike Klozar, the "Chat Show," as it was called, was an innovative combination of on-demand streaming audio, text (as cartoon bubbles) and comic strip characters all synchronized to display an animated cartoon comic strip created dynamically from the text input.

An example of the show can be found at David Kurlander's project site, under [MSN Car Talk Comic Chat Show].

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The algorithms used in Comic Chat attempted to mimic some basic illustration techniques of comic artists (particularly Jim Woodring).

Character placement, the choice of gestures and expressions, and word balloon construction and layout, were all chosen automatically.

Comic Chat's main feature, which set it apart from other IRC clients, is that it enabled comic avatars to represent a user; this character could express a specified emotion, possibly making IRC chatting a more emotive and expressive experience.

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