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Needless to say this wasn't mentioned in the publicity or "news" articles.

The Manchester Evening News reported the charity total on .

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Veteran journalist John Pilger has said that not reporting certain facts and events is one of the most powerful forms of propaganda.

Check out the rights factsheets that that are published annually on the Facts website and the live blog updates that appear during the Manchester Pride weekend.

This is thanks to the endless hard work of local LGBT campaigners.

They were vilified and, shamefully, received little or no help from the longstanding gay community "heros" (who preferred to attend Pride), celebrities, businesses, corrupt Manchester politicians and charities. There's an enormous amount to add to this page, covering events since Autumn 2013.

The police are paid around 50,000 by Manchester Pride (as they are for other events). In Manchester in 2014 a commercial "pride" event paid and used the police to prevent peaceful campaigners from exercising their entirely lawful right to walk along public streets. Those who are on the LGBT gravy train have stayed silent and it will come back to haunt them in years to come.

While others, presumably, are too intimdated to criticise the unlawful actions of a so-called "pride." The police and Manchester City Council were eager to lay the blame at the feet of Manchester Pride and things were very different at the event in August 2015.

There's much more to add about what has happened over the last three years, including about how the City Council, Manchester Pride Limited and certain business people brought this on themselves due to their dirty tricks. In November 2016 Manchester Pride announced £149,000 for causes.

Plus, bizarrely, 25,000 of "unclaimed" grants from previous years. Months later it came to light that Manchester Pride had moved its accounting date back three months from 30 September 2016 to 31 December.

These days no matter where you go and what people you move around with one single topic which has always been a common one in terms of discussion is none other than the issue of weight loss.

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Currently the official line from the Ombudsman is that your right is to use the streets to "access premises." Writing on 12 January 2016, Greater Manchester Police stated that, with regard to the 2015 event, a "bespoke briefing" was delivered "to the Pride security teams who were deployed on the gates detailing what their responsibility and powers were, we certainly made it clear that they could not restrict access and the approach was a simple appeal for people to purchase wristbands.

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