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After my first year of college I decided to spend the summer at my grandma's house.

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My grandfather had installed a huge seat in place of the standard one.

I had my doubts but, as my grandmother climbed on I figured it was worth a shot.

I tried to create as much space between my crotch and my grandma as possible.

After a few more miles on the bumpy trail my grandma's ass had moved all the way back on the seat.

I remember hearing my parents say that most people in the town just use bikes to get around.

My grandmother and I had a blast for the first several weeks of summer. It had been a while since grandpa passed and my grandmother always loved when we came to visit. I helped her with a her gardening and fixing the odd fence or window.After a few minutes my grandma returned with a giant picnic basket full of sandwiches, chips and drinks.I opened the door for her as we made our way outside. "Nana, That basket is to big you'll tire yourself out carrying it the whole way.So after my last final I took the first flight to my grandma's and then took a taxi to her house.When I arrived I noticed that my grandma didn't have a car either.I also figured out that my grandma and I both have a dirty sense of humor.

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