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"Every girl in Sweden wants to be Ebba," says a 28-year-old female office worker from Stockholm.

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According to one study, Swedish men do more housework than men anywhere else — an average of 24 hours per week!

While her boyfriend cleans house, Ebba focuses on being a role model for the 250,000 young female readers of her magazine.

Nevertheless, she's a firm believer that Swedish women don't have to give up their femininity.

"I love makeup, I wear pink, and I'm obsessed with handbags," she confesses. I get thousands of letters from girls saying that I inspire them." In fact, most women in Sweden find it easy to meld femininity with feminist ideals.

Carin Gablad, 49, is Stockholm's chief of police, in charge of fighting crime in the capital with a force of 4600 officers.

"My approach is the opposite of macho," says the tall, blonde police boss."Few Swedish men expect women to be domestic or subservient," she says."My boyfriend accepts that my job involves constant meetings and traveling, and he's happy that I enjoy it." Ebba's live-in boyfriend, who works 9-to-5 for a leather company, also does the household chores.All education, including college, is free, and girls routinely outperform boys; in 2005, women made up more than 60 percent of all Swedish college students.All this adds up to more flexible gender roles later: As one Swedish website puts it, "In our country, women drive the buses and men push the baby buggies." For Ebba, freedom from traditional roles means she has never experienced the turmoil of choosing between her high-profile job and a happy home life.In time, she says, she hopes to meet a long-term partner and have a family.

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