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Lies are unnecessary when you deliver the facts with compassion.

You need compassion in a tell-it-like-it-is attitude. “Our tendency is to choose up sides, valuing certain emotional skills while neglecting and even disparaging others,” write Jim Loehr and Tony Schwartz in .

You and I have religious, political, and personal values that prevent communication solving everything.

Productive communication is inhibited when people are too busy defending themselves from personal attacks.

I am not advocating you lie or give people enormous amounts of praise when they sucked at something or to live a deceptive life.

When you understand humans are creatures of emotion, and that we are predictably irrational, you enable yourself to have great charisma and persuasive power.

(I recommend you read chapter 10 of my communication secrets program for full details on how to overcome this logical dilemma to communicate at an emotional level so you powerfully connect with people.) This myth will be interpreted in a way different than how I intend.

The content and logical focus of a conversation has been the demise of many relationships.

The Heath brothers in reveals why people remember ideas and not others. Problems arise when logic gets center of attention in a conversion – especially during conflict. Start caring about people’s emotions beneath their content of a conversation because relationships are fueled by emotion.

Do you think someone with opposing views who communicates well would change your mind?

If you really believe in your stance on the issue, then communication is not going to change your mind.

ies, deception, misunderstandings, distortions, and deceit is easier to accept than the truth. Ignorance has a cushioning effect to soften the harshness of reality.

You can ignore the truth because it is uncomfortable to face, but other times you accept myths over truth because you know no difference.

Communication forms the bridge in a relationship so it makes sense to assume the problems coming and going must exist on the bridge.

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