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If you want help, I am an excellent relationship diagnostician.

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You must take many actions to specifically cure, fix, change, shift and transform the behavior and thinking patterns that brought you two to the brink of a breakup. Create joyful moments together, even if they start out small Spend snippets of time together, just being close.

Bring back – or increase – physical intimacy, even if it feels a bit awkward.

Go here to learn about how you can try coaching in a 30-minute sample Get Clarity Coaching Session. Face your fears about the relationship In facing your fears, you will confront those worst possible scenarios that make you want to run while you are trying to put your relationship back together. The more you take care of yourself, the more resilience you will bring to your relationship situation, and the more patient you will be during the getting back together process. Do your personal work Delve into your personality and your issues.

It will help you to remember that your fears are only possibilities, not certainties. Devise a strategy of what you will do if your greatest fears come true Put the strategy down on paper and brainstorm or research real-world solutions and steps to take in case your relationship does not work out as planned. Look at what brought you to the point of breakup or separation in your relationship.

Having this strategy will give you a sense of power, and help you realize that you will be fine. For the moment, forget about your partner and look at why you are here and what you are trying to work out.

Give yourself the comfort of knowing that, regardless of the situation, you will be able to take care of yourself and your life. Practice a spiritual discipline such as meditation, prayer, communing with nature, sitting quietly, going to church, etc. Spiritual discipline can teach you how to accept the now when it’s not what you want, not what you hoped for and not what you would choose for yourself. Work with a coach or a counselor, read books, or take workshops to help yourself grow. Go deeper into your career, your work, your family or your volunteer activities While you and your partner are trying to get back together, and you don’t yet know where the relationship will end up, dig into other meaningful areas of your life.All defensiveness must be set aside, all excuses thrown out the window, so you can honestly see what happened.It does your relationship absolutely no good to point fingers at each other.You both need to share the pain, listen to each other and find a way to truly forgive and start anew. Talk to each other often Make sure you communicate clearly with each other about what you want and expect in the relationship.Make sure that you both know what each one of you is agreeing to do or not do. Share with each other what you are discovering in your personal work. Take action to cure what led to your breakup or the distance between you Do not communicate only and do nothing else – this is how most couples who are trying to get back together fail.Many couples go through struggles, fights, problems, and issues, and almost reach the brink of breakup or divorce.

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