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(Suicide, murder, terrorism, etc.) Additionally, the lengths men will go to in order to avoid derogation from their in-group become more severe as societal stress increases.

In order to understand why men may be incapable of fixing this problem, we must first explore some of the study’s hypothesis for why men may not be able to see other men as part of an automatic in-group and therefore, see them as subhumans.

The study cites 5 possible Hypotheses: In animals, where dominance hierarchies have been observed, the more dominant the in-group, the greater the preponderance of in-group bias.

Men are the overwhelming majority of the perpetrators of this systemic violence, but women and children quickly become victims.

In this, the second to last article in our series, we’ll explore the 50 year rise in stress relating to technology and explain why women are the only hope we have to be saved from what appears to be impending destruction.

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Even in the unlikely event that the claim of 100% of Women and 0% of Men having automatic in-group bias scales to the entire population, the fact that males are generally less social and appear to be less capable of automatically accepting other men as in-group members is evident.

It is far too easy for both men and women to view men as subhuman.

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