Futurama computer dating like pimping but

The next morning, after Hermes covers the new and old business, they announce they’ve gotten "close".

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When someone announces the departure of the bus, all of the computer matches take their leave.

Using his customary sensitivity and attention to detail, Bender rounded up all the dates at the bus station.

) and retires to the backseat with Amy to have "the discussion".

Before Fry can fumble out a coherent sentence, Zoidberg takes the wheel, right off the steering column.

After he gets arrested for pimping (We all saw that coming.), he opens a computer dating service.

Things are going great between Fry and Amy, until Amy tells Fry how much she enjoys hanging out.

When he finds out that he’s too late, he too takes advantage of Bender’s services. Bender finally introduces him to a toothless older lady of dubious virtue ( I guess the toothless thing helps in the dubious virtue department).

That evening, all of Bender’s clients gather in the same restaurant, along with Amy, Fry and her date. Leela’s date is a scruffy, indifferent fellow with little interest in romance.

Based on the money in that ever-changing chest cavity of his, Bender’s had plenty of clients.

Unwilling to be a third wheel on Amy’s dare, Fry catches Leela shortly afterward and asks her out.

But seeing as I’m a Futurama fan and this is a cute episode, I wouldn’t recommend it.

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