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"It just happened two decades after I thought it would," Davis says with a shrug.Many people still think of her as the tough-girl heroine Thelma, whom she made famous in 1991's Thelma & Louise.Just as her personal life was falling into place, her dormant career got a wake-up call when she was offered the role of Mackenzie Allen, the first female U. In January, Davis won a Golden Globe for best actress in a drama series; she accepted her award with a witty and charming speech that brought the house down.

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But not only weren't there roles for me, there weren't any for Meryl either. And painful."At the same time, not working gave Davis a chance to think about what else she might want to do with her life. Archery not only helped her fill her days, it sparked a sea change in the way the actress viewed herself.

Davis says she had long struggled with self-esteem; when she was a teenager, her lanky six-foot frame and exotic pillow-lip looks weren't exactly the norm, and she often felt like an outcast.

They called off their engagement seven months after he proposed. I wasn't ready, and he was too good for me." Jennifer Aniston, 1998 – 2004.

Gwyn said in 2015: "I definitely fell in love with him. Brad and his first wife Jen met when their agents set them up on a blind date.

Having recently turned 50, she is now celebrating the sort of personal milestones that most women mark in their 30s. Reza Jarrahy, an Iranian-American neurosurgeon 15 years her junior, she became a mother for the first time at age 46.

Two years after the arrival of daughter Alizeh, she gave birth to twins, sons Kian and Kaiis. The drama became the most watched new show of the fall television season, and suddenly Davis was back in the spotlight. I’m a special envoy for Women and Girls in Information & Communication Technologies to the U. I can also write upside down just as fast as I can normally write. I have a research institute,, that advocates for more and better female characters in kids’ TV and movies. I can write backward with my left hand while I write forward with my right hand.Davis followed her Oscar win with Thelma & Louise and the feel-good baseball comedy A League of Their Own.But just when her career seemed red-hot, it suddenly began to cool. Bit of weird one this, but Brad honestly did date Louis Walsh's mate Sinitta on and off for four years.

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