Gemini woman dating a libra man

He is as loyal as they come, and she recognizes his fierce devotion to her.

She loves his protective nature, for it fits nicely in her fantasy of the perfect gentleman.

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These two zodiac signs can keep up with each other between the sheets, making it a beautiful and rewarding sexually stimulating union between the Gemini and Virgo in love.

For the Gemini Virgo friendship to last, the Virgo man must open himself up to new possibilities, for she will gladly take him along on some of her journeys.

The Gemini female is active and he is tenacious, so they both understand the need to be working towards something.

But she wants excitement while he wants security, and that is a difficult pair to match.

She is bright and charismatic, which is difficult for anyone to resist, and she will commit to you as long as you’re not interested in keeping her down.

The compromise in the Gemini woman Virgo man marriage compatibility can continue outside the bedroom as long as each zodiac sign agrees to some concessions.

But it is possible to find harmony between these two star signs, especially when there is a strong attraction.

While dating, that first intellectual spark between the Gemini and Virgo soulmates carries into the bedroom. With a variety of creative ideas at the helm, the Gemini woman lures her Virgo partner in bed by taking complete control of their lovemaking.

The Virgo male is fine with this, as he is slower to act than she is.

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