castello pipe dating - Gemini woman dating cancer man

Better yet, an intelligent one with a wide perspective, as Sagittarius sits on your Seventh House cusp.

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Gemini woman dating cancer man

42-yr old Cancer man, never previously married, says he’s simply never met “the right woman” before. We’ve dated 5 months and he says he loves me and feels a connection stronger than any he’s ever experienced before.

He talks about a future, he makes time to be with me and my child, he is sensitive and nurturing and sweet and the sex is superb.

Usually I get hung up on intellectual types — this man is intelligent but does not live in his head.

He is very domestic and appeals to me on a level I’ve never felt before, very emotional and physical.

And he won’t admit that he’s jealous but I get the sense that he is — and I am a very social person who strikes up conversations and gets smiles or greetings from complete strangers.

I feel this makes him uncomfortable but he won’t admit it.

Although Gemini and Cancer are typically not a good match, your Moon (which rules Cancer) sits at the beginning of your Seventh House of Relationships.

You are attracted to a domestically-inclined, emotionally-attuned man.

It can be a threat to the power dynamic here – and it brings out a side of Gemini Men often swept under the carpet by astrologers: defensive, weary and looking for the next screw-up from his lover, to keep score – basically everything you’d expect from a Cancer is found in Gemini here instead.

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