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As I was going through my letters, showing them to my younger brother, along with a few of the presents and postcards my penfriends sent me, he asked me how he could have penfriends too.

I was no longer in contact with IYS but I remembered they had a site and I was hoping to find out, from the site, how I could register my brother with them. I understand that it probably costs less to have friends over the internet than to have postal-mail friends but those are two very different experiences.

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The closing of IYS is very unfortunate, did I say that already?

I always wondered what the IYS headquarters looked like? Their site looked nearly empty with simply the announcement on the main page. So I went on Google and search the site and found out most of their pages (like the fees page) are still online.

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A Defence Ministry spokesman said on Sunday the study, labelled Strategic Perspective 2040, made 'robust predictions' but did not attach probabilities to them or trigger decisions.

He declined to comment about the content of the report, which is confidential.

The German Army has been using war games to simulate the EU being dismantled as one of six security catastrophes that could play out by 2040.

Strategists envisaged a situation where more countries follow Britain's footsteps out of the bloc and the world becomes 'increasingly disorderly'.

Knowing that they guaranteed a response, it was really a great value.

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