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When this does happen it is also its almost impossible to discover as you have to run a query every computer to see who is in the local admin group and then figure out which account should be a member.Once solution to this is of course following Microsoft best practice and not give your users local admin access to their PC or Server and in an utopian environment this would be possible but we all live in the real world where managers have admin access to their PC’s and developers are allowed to install any software they want. Since Group Polices were first introduced with Windows 2000 there was an setting called “Restricted Groups” which allows you to control the membership of a group.

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Edit 4/11/2016: The version that is hosted on this Microsoft blog written by Aaron Margosis contains a download link to a version of the MSS Extension that works for me with 2012 R2 with no 'hacking' required. Inside the zip file, you will see a directory named 'Local_Script'.

Inside that folder, you will find a subfolder named 'MSS_Extension'.

Simply transfer that MSS_Extension directory to your 2012 R2 domain controller.

Then open a command prompt and browse to that directory.

The next problem is that Security Compliance Manager was never updated for 2012 R2. Download the Security Compliance Manager installation. The installer deflates some files into a temp directory on the hard drive, such as . You will get an error that you are not running a supported operating system.

Now cancel the SCM installer and it will delete the temp files. Then launch the new "Local GPO Command-line" shortcut that you will find in your Start Screen. Open Local in notepad and comment out the Chk OSVer procedure in the script so that it will not check your version. I have seen multiple reports of this working for other people, however it did not work for me.

All solution is the same as Ryan Res, but: To run with 2012R2 we must not comment the Chk OSVer procedure but edit it: search for the routine called ‘Chk OSVersion’, scroll down you will find a bunch of if-statements.

You will want it to look as follows: "1") then str OS = "WS03" Else If(Left(str Op Ver,3) = "5.2") and (str Product Type = "1") then str OS = "XP" Else If(Left(str Op Ver,3) = "5.1") and (str Product Type = "1") then str OS = "XP" Else str Message = Display Message(con LABEL_CODE002) Call Msg Box(str Message, vb OKOnly vb Critical, str Title) Call Cleanupand Exit End If Note the first statement.

When looking at one particular section, it states the following: The system should be configured to disallow IP Source Routing, ICMP Redirects, and Internet Router Discovery Protocol.

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