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It is easy to mourn the past and make a lyricism of defeat. In a secular Europe the Irish work of once spreading leaning and the Christian faith has been airbrushed.Under the rubric of multiculturalism all cultures are being reduced to an absurdity. He holds a graduate degree in Anglo-Irish literature from Trinity College, Dublin and has written for The Weekly Standard, Modern Age and several other publications.By day clansmen draped a blanket (in Irish plud) over the shoulder and belted it around their waste. The old order changeth and even the sun has set on Britain’s Union Jack.

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If you live in some areas of the UK, you may already be receiving universal credit.

If you don’t live in an area where universal credit is being piloted, you can still apply for tax credits and some benefits separately.

Descendants of the Celts still inhabit Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Brittany, Cornwall and the Isle of Man and Galicia in Spain.

England’s conquest of Ireland outlawed the Irish language and culture while denigrated the Irish as “wild,” “savage” and “barbarian,” Europe’s white savages!We retain our own language, songs, stories, and traditions among ourselves.Unreconstructed by modernity and scientific distortions of reality we retain a belief in the mystery of things, and intuit a harmony surrounding human existence.Patrick passed from the discord of time to the mystery of eternity.My mother woke us with: “Beannachtai Padraig”—the blessings of Patrick, imparting a certain peace, for St. Earlier Irish immigrants in America were politically vocal, making their presence in this country known as a way of pressuring the British government to allow democratic reforms and self-government in Ireland.Indeed, Mohawk Indians fighting alongside Scottish troops during the French and Indian War were curious about the Highlanders evicted from their lands into British service.

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