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From 2014-15 to 2015-16, Homicide and Related Offences decreased by -25% (18 offences), with Other Homicide and Related Offences decreasing by -39.6% (21 offences).

There were decreases in the three groups within the Sexual Assault and Related Offences subdivision, with N...

One Nation risks deregistration in Queensland following the failure of Pauline Hanson to advise the Electoral Commission of Queensland about a botched incorporation that has left it with a noncompliant constitution.

This has happened in almost every culture that shifts toward the Standard American Diet.

Even in planes where people often live past 100, the newer generations who consume a diet more like Americans are dying younger, and getting sick sooner. Speed dating @ SAM: Mixer & Mingler Not your usual speed-dating!

We met Leah at the Smithsonian's Earth Optimism Summit in Washington, D. a couple weekends ago, where she gave a great presentation about her work.

We wanted to hear more of her thoughts on the field of bioacoustics, plus the new spectrogram app she's developing, and all the ways she uses her interactive soundscape art to get kids excited about engaging with nature.

The party secretly switched legal structures last November without telling members, using a draconian clause in its superseded governance rules that allowed One Nation state executive members to do whatever they chose without question.

Former insiders have said a principal purpose for the incorporation was to put in place a corporate veil so the entity rather than members of the executive would be the subject of legal action.

Somewhere between working at Goldman Sachs, and calling the shots for Breitbart and Donald Trump, the Voldemortian Steve Bannon went to Hollywood and made 18 films, many of them political.

Described as the Leni Riefenstahl of the Tea Party movement (by Andrew Breitbart himself), Bannon helped produce the Ronald Reagan documentary , proposed a three-part movie that would trace the culture of intolerance behind sharia law, examine the Fifth Column made up of Islamic front groups and identify the American enablers paving the road to this unique hell on earth.' Looking back, its no wonder that Bannon tried to engineer a ban of Muslims immigrants upon entering the White House.

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