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So when Aveeno, the skin-care brand known for its soothing, colloidal oatmeal–based moisturizers and lotions, reached out about chatting with the actress best known for igniting my love of layers, sleeveless turtlenecks, and nude lipstick, I practically jumped (leaped is more like it) at the opportunity.

So, on a typical sticky, humid New York City summer day (aka yesterday), I booked a conference room at headquarters and waited for Jen to call. And we talked — for 11 minutes and 30 seconds — about everything, like her new #Moment For Me campaign with Aveeno (she's the brand's global brand ambassador, FYI), which urges others to take a breather to "reset and recharge"; her not-so-secret use of social media; and why you'll On taking a moment to chill:"It should be one of our number-one priorities to take care of our inner minds, souls, and bodies, because it helps us prepare for the day that we’re about to embark upon.

But that job there were 19 of us teenagers and it was just so fun, because the adults were invisible to us. It's Ethan Hawke." And I'd go, "Oh what, there's a phone…" Ethan wasn't calling me.

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S., including, the American Red Cross, Operation Sacred Housing and regional Veterans Affairs offices. "This is our way of expressing our gratitude for their selflessness and courage, and serves as a token of our appreciation for their heroism." Since 1999, the Share-A-Haircut program has donated 2.2 million free haircut certificates valued at more than to various causes including the homeless, survivors of domestic violence and disadvantaged children.

This November, Hair Cuttery hopes to reach thousands more with its veterans-focused campaign.

When she was 17, Justin Timberlake and Christina Aguilera were just coming on the show as cast members.

That Disney show was her first big break before the series that has cemented her status in the pop culture firmament, and arguably shaped her career. It's perfect because it will have been six years and I just feel like they have a really good ending.

We can all preserve the youthful glow of our skin with hydration, proper skin-care treatments, with natural products. "On the one hairstyle you'll never see her sport:"I've never liked the bob.

Nothing like crazy lotions and potions filled with lots of chemicals. I always want them, and then when I get them, I'm like, ' What? ' Because my hair is so curly — I have naturally wavy hair — when it's short, it just turns into an Afro I can't really control. So hence me having to say [to my hairstylist], ' Chris, please come help me with my hair.'"On beauty trends she wishes would make a comeback:[No surprise here — it's the Rachel.] "No…. Learn More Wouldn't it be fun if you could call your best friend and tell her you're hanging out with Kim Kardashian? When you use Celeb Dial with the phone app on your texting device, you can click buttons on a web page that play sound clips of your favorite celebrity's voice, directly into your call.But my best, most dearest girlfriends are all still my best friends. , join Hair Cuttery, the largest family-owned and operated chain of hair salons in the country, in saying "thank you" to our veterans through its Share-A-Haircut program.Photographs by Alasdair Mc Lellan, Styled by Edward Enninful; Hair by Shay Ashual at Art Partner; makeup by Diane Kendal for Marc Jacobs Beauty at Julian Watson Agency; manicures by Casey Herman for Dior at the Wall Group.

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