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This design was utilized in a number of models made over the years.

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Several years ago, Numrich Gun Parts Corporation purchased H&R’s remaining inventory, which consisted of several trailer loads of parts.

This purchase, combined with earlier acquisitions, provided the company with the largest inventory of H&R parts ranging from the earliest to the most recent models.

The W in the serial number dates this gun as a 1960 built gun.

Smith &Wesson K22 Masterpiece Pre-17,22LR,6" Barrel,5 Screw with 4 Digit serial #,2nd year production 1947,with with Numbered to Gun Blue and Gold box with tools,#'s Match, Right Grip is # ... Left front of the barrel has one very small holster rub mark. This Smith and Wesson K-22 Revolver is in great shape and has a very nice Leupold scope with the early gloss finish.

22 LR, has a 6” pinned barrel with an excellent bore.

Fitted with an adjustable rear sight and a blade front sight. Click for more info Smith & Wesson Model 17-4 K-22 Masterpiece Revolver, serial # 26 K 6752, cal. Both men had a background in the firearms business. was formally organized, Iver Johnson began operations and Franklin Wesson, with his nephew Gilbert Henderson Harrington, formed a partnership to develop a new shell-ejecting revolver that had been invented by Harrington.A breakthrough so important that it alters the course of an industry is rare indeed. Harrington invented the top-breaking, shell-ejecting revolver. For the first time, handgunners had a firearm that was not only durable and accurate, but easy to load and unload as well. In World War II, the company was a major producer of military firearms, earning many commendations from the U. To produce his invention, Harrington teamed up with William A. The two men gave their names to a firm that would soon become synonymous with high-quality, technically superior revolvers and shotguns. This pistol was so accurate that it was adopted by the U. M1 Garand rifle, was the largest single manufacturer of the M-14, and one of the major producers of the M-16.

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