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Die Geschichte dreht sich um 4 Mädchen, die zusammen in einem Manga Club sind.

Ai, Mai, Mii, und Ponoka-sempai müssen gegen böse Außerirdische kämpfen, die die Erde zerstören wollen, sich in Turnieren gegen andere Konkurrenten behaupten und mit noch vielen anderen kuriosen Situationen klarkommen, wenn sie mal gerade nicht Mangas zeichnen.

A stylist had recommended Haruma to watch Daichi Miura‘s “Unlock” PV, which featured Koharu.

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Her performance gave him encouragement during a time when he was worried about his play.

Es sind nun schon 2 1/2 Jahre vergangen seitdem Naruto mit Jiraiya-sama, einem der legendären Sannin, aus Konoha ausgezogen ist, um sich für den entscheidenden Kampf gegen Sasuke vorzubereiten.

He has also been studying the Chinese language for this reason. He's the only thing I'm looking forward in the "Attack on Titan"! Thanks to a friend who introduced me to the tearjerker movie first.

It makes me mad when I'm on Facebook and I see people who haven't watched his previous work bash him just because he doesn't look like the character he portrays. Currently planning on watching dramas and movies he starred in like Bloody Monday and Kimi ni Todoke, those two are like his most notable projects and I've seen many people recommending them. It's beens years since I watched it, but I don't remember crying all that much.

Miura plays the role of a young Japanese man that repairs clocks and has been living in Shanghai for 1½ years, his co-star Liu plays a double role as two twins.

Director Isao described the film as “a love story between two people that can happen anywhere in the world”. This will be Miura’s first project in the Chinese market.Other than one or two scenes though, I don't really think the movie was all that memorable though.Haruma and Gakky are very pretty though, so it may be worth it to watch just for them.Air ist eine Anime-Verfilmung zu dem erfolgreichen Spiel "Air", das von den Kanon-Machern Key produziert wurde.Es geht um Yukito Kunisaki, ein Reisender, der schon seit Jahren nach dem "Mädchen im Himmel" sucht.Earlier this month, the new couple were seen near a luxury residential area in Tokyo. Haruma is a popular actor but some may not recognize his partner’s name.

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