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Her younger brother, Cody, lives a few blocks away with his wing man Russ.What Cody lacks in ambition he makes up for in charm and good looks.

Most of the stories revolve around Lacey Summers, who left a successful modeling career to design lingerie.

Lacey lives in a large loft that doubles as her design studio.

We anticipate a great fashion show finale and maybe a romantic reunion.

Perhaps a Season 2 could introduce a competitor to Lacey, challenging her successful yet fragile business and romance.....?

: All right, look, you've got a great short game, I'll give you that.

But when it comes down to it, making it with you is kinda like eating Chinese food.Jennifer Korbin is beautiful and convinces us that she is the sassy, intelligent and vulnerable model-turned-entrepreneur Lacey Summers. Michael Scratch finally gets to play the sexy white knight....His Jason allows the female cast to stay the focal point of scenes and the sexy boyishness quality of his voice makes him my favorite and that of my girlfriends who watch the show now.....“When they went to our wedding, we were private citizens,” Melania reminds me.Just two private citizens getting hitched at the groom’s 126-room Florida palace.Matthew Fitzgerald is sooooo good at playing Lothario Cody and tag teams convincingly with Jonathan Steen as adorable meat-heads out to score. The high quality production, realistic sets, gorgeous actors and actresses, mature transitions and witty dialogue captivate our attention and give my husband and I romantic ideas...... Thank you John Quinn for producing another great show....

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