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Some online risks can not only lead to harm, but also result in illegal activity such as: Of course, many factors influence how potential online risks may or may not affect an individual child or young person.Their age, developmental stage and personal attitudes to risk all come into play. Every service needs to start with a clear definition of what is acceptable.Here is a quick reference summary to the guide’s six key safety principles.

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For further information, please see the Child Development Chart and Evidence Section in the Annex. You can then create a safer environment where users can share, while keeping age-inappropriate material away from children and young people.

Of course, content comes from many sources (from you, your users, your advertisers, third party plug-ins…) and in many forms (video, photos, music, games, live chat and messaging, votes and comments, Tweets, memes, gifs…).

(Please see the Annex for more information on COPPA.) Clearly, reaching young audiences needs words, visuals and a tone of voice that’s appropriate for their age. Online risk can be classified in three ways: This guide also addresses risks associated with commerce such as online advertising and advertising to children (See Principle 1 and Section 4).

For more information on the risks classification and other types of online risks, see the Evidence Section in the Annex.

You’ll also find the guide useful if your primary audience is not the under-18s, but you still attract them.

Please note the guide does not replace legal advice, which you may still need in order to meet compliance and other requirements.This guide builds on these principles, illustrating them with advice and industry examples.The Annex includes more information, including contact details of how to become a member of the ICT Coalition if your business is based in Europe and meets its criteria.In an average class size of 30 children, it means that: Overall, nearly all parents say they are doing something – either using technical tools, talking regularly to their child, supervising them, or having specific rules in place.(Ofcom, 2015) Decide what’s acceptable and what isn’t.The way you design your service can have a real impact on children and young people.

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