Humiliation chat

" Rachel cocked her fist and glared menacingly: "If you don't want your spoiled faces busted and bleeding, you will do exactly what I say. Yvette, the "mature" one, turned bright pink, hyperventilating like an asthmatic little kid. Yvette had white, ultra-firm undergarments - exactly what a 30-something lawyer or CEO might wear.

"YOU WISH you could see a naked body as FINE as ours! One of them tried to protest - - and Rachel SLAPPED her right in the face! Shaking and trembling, both girls began disrobing - outside, in front of everyone! Soon, the two rich bitches were stripped to their bra and panties!

Only they weren't wearing their fancy-shmancy clothes anymore.

The Empress of Middletown was convinced that her family dignity had been violated... And she blamed Rachel Travolli, SWEARING to get even! Lovington's wrath: When I went to Timmy's house the next day, both cousins were still there.

If we weren't jerking-off to Lacy Lovington, we were doing the Five Knuckle Shuffle to Rachel Trovolli. Lovington overheard Timmy and me talking about how sexy Rachel was. Abby and Yvette, on the other hand, were dressed like they were walking the red carpet of a Hollywood movie premier! Looking back, I guess we were afraid they would make fun of us, too... She was watching the whole thing while perched on her motorcycle.

The tall, busty MILF glowered at us and snidely retorted, "You think that dark-haired little tramp is actually good-looking?! Furthermore, her REAL hair-color isn't even dark brown - it's light blonde! A buddy of ours - Nedley Nelson, a 19-year-old dropout from the poor side of town - asked one of the cousins out on a date. because, let's face it: Our clothes weren't any better... Hearing enough, Rachel took a final swig of beer, hopped off her Harley and marched right over - flicking her cigarette in the cousins' faces!

(I forget which one.) What I DO remember is how Abby and Yvette laughed in his face! Then they starting going back and forth, discussing what a pathetic LOSER he was: "Look at his clothes!

Abby, the curvier one, looked like she wanted to cry. Abby's undies were black, sexy and silk - surprisingly slutty.

Everyone's already seen your little-girl body, and it's not my fault you forgot to pack a swimsuit without those silly falsies.

Lovington was having none of it: "Oh, stop it, Yvette. says you are; to me and everyone else, it looks like you haven't even reached puberty yet.

) and three churches, but what was really unusually was how this one sleepy town had so many "haves" and "have-nots." This was decades ago, before all the sloganeering about the One Percenters and Occupy Wall Street, but in the seaside City of Middletown, either you were filthy rich - or you were a poor, pathetic working stiff. They had the big, beautiful homes, the big, beautiful yachts - and all the beautiful housewives with the big, beautiful tits. Their homes were smaller, their wives' tits were smaller... She always wore the latest fashion - Parisian dresses, Italian heels, Tahitian pearls and Manzoni mink coats (even when it was hot out) - and all these years later, I still remember how she'd tower over me. (We called her "arrogant Abby" behind her back, because her ego was the only thing bigger than her tits!

(Not that I minded; it meant that her freakishly big boobs were eye-level! (Hey, ALL the other 18-year-old seniors in my high school class did! ) Yvette was prim and fussy, and had one of those expressions that seemed to convey how unimpressed she was with everything.

Lovington had another reason to be angry - a reason that was deeply personal. I think she desperately wanted to scream at me - but she froze!

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