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My first ministerial position post-college was as the assistant pastor of a General Association of Regular Baptist Churches (GARBC) congregation in Montpelier, Ohio.

During my seven-month stay at Montpelier Baptist Church, one of the girls in the church became pregnant.

This same logic was used for drinking alcohol, using drugs, and other behavior deemed a sin.

JUST SAY NO was the only proper response to temptation and sin.

The pastor told the pregnant girl that the color white was reserved for girls who were virgins on their wedding days. Had she quickly and quietly run to the altar as other church women had done, she could have worn white and maintained the virginity illusion.

Years later, I attended a church service where a “loose” pregnant teen was brought before the church congregation and made to publicly profess her wickedness.

While the young horn dogs of IFB churches, along with their wandering-eyed fathers, hear purity sermons from time to time, most of such sermons are directed at what IFB churches believe is the weaker sex. It is up to them to protect not only their own holy virginity, but that of the boys and men.

This is why there are so many rules about how women dress.(And on the extreme end of the IFB church movement, there are pastors who believe that married couples should only engage in vaginal sex, missionary position, while thinking how wonderful it would be if Bro.Billy Bob’s sperm hooked up with Sister Mary Lou’s eggs.) From their teen years forward, IFB girls hear repeated warnings about having premarital sex and losing their virginity.Whether the girl is fourteen or twenty-three, it matters not.Becoming pregnant without the benefit of marriage is a deep black stain, not only on the mother-to-be, but also the church, the girl’s parents, and her pastor.While some students were able to keep their virginity intact, other students scampered around the bases and slid into to home.

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