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If my daughter was younger and I was dating I'd only have introduced her to my partner if we both knew we were going to be taking the relationship to a very serious phase which would be close to 6 months give or take all depending where we both felt comfortable meeting each others children because we felt a love for one another and were ready to share our happiness with them.

Holding out till a couple both knows when it is right to let children know is out of respect for the childs feelings, respect for themselves and the childs other parent.

I love this man to death, and he says he loves me which, at times, I believe, but I’ve started questioning our relationship. But I feel like if I haven’t met his family in two years then maybe he shouldn’t meet mine. It bothers me that I know none of his friends or anyone else he knows.

He has three children, one of whom I’ve met only once (he lives in the same area as us).

sex is personal and intimate to me so i don't flaunt that behavior to anyone anyway much less my kids.

anyone that feels that they would be so compelled to act inappropriatley in front of them if they introduced them to their date isn't mature enough anyway.

As for family dinners, birthdays and holidays, sleepovers, doing things together with the kids, etc..doesnt come unless and until we have 1-been exclusively dating for several months, 2-exchanged the "L-word", 3-discussed some ground rules (no bribing my kids, no disciplining my kids/no jumping on my date, no climbing on the poor guy, etc) and 4-I honestly believe that he and I will be a part of each other's lives for a while, and I think he may have something positive to contribute to the childrens' world.

That said, there was a loooong stretch (about 2 years) where I had to arrange a sitter to go out, every time, because Dad was NOT in the picture..all..

As for aunt Lezzy and pervy uncle Lester, I will say, I am glad you don't leave your kids with them! your response is the closest to my feelings as any i've read here. i have instilled the belief that me having friends means more people in their life to care and support them.

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