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If you think the code number being operated is incorrect, you should contact HMRC.Back to the top Your armed forces pension remains fully liable to UK taxes and will continue to have PAYE deducted at source.

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Normally you will not receive a pension from the Gurkhas pension scheme unless you have completed at least 15 years’ service. The taxability of these sums is complex and you should read the relevant pages in the booklet on the Gurkha pension scheme, on GOV. In due course, depending on your length of service, you may also start to receive the UK state pension from state pension age.

You can read more about the state pension in our section ‘State pension and other pensions not connected with the armed forces’.

Note that if you are not using your personal allowance against other employment or pension income, you can request that it be set against this pension, but it is not normally done automatically.

Be careful because if you are resident in the UK, but your pension is paid by the Nepal Pension and Payment System, you will need to tell HMRC that you receive it.

Read more As of April 2016, both a new, enhanced flat rate State Pension and the abolition of lower rate, contracted-out National Insurance (NI) contributions including those paid as part of the Armed Forces Pension Scheme (AFPS) - came into effect.

While there has always been a link between NI contributions and pension entitlement, the two separate announcements did not make clear the significant effect this link would have.

(A) ARMY (B) NAVY (C) AIR FORCES (D) EX-SERVICEMAN (E) WIDOWS / DEPENDENTS 1. Deputation / repatriation / absorption in Government / Public Sector 9. Selection / Promotion / grant of substantive rank etc (a) Promotion to Naib Subedar (b) Promotion to Subedar (c) Promotion to Subedar Major (d) Promotion of Commissioned Officers (e) Other promotional matters (i) Air Force (ii) Navy (f) Granting honorary Ranks 15. Claims of Medical reimbursement Leave, Joining time etc 17. Entry in Character Rolls / Confidential Records / Services Records 21.

Allotment / Vacation / Eviction of Government Quarters / Government hired accomodation matters 4. Diciplinary Cases (a) Court Martial (i) Summary Court /martial (ii) General Court Martial (iii) District Court Martial (iv) Summary General Court Martial (b) Summary Award / Summary Tital (c) Court inquiry (d) Recording of summary of evidence (e) Administrative Action including termination of services (f) Award censure (g) Suspension (h) Bails (i) Wrongful confinement (j) Disciplinary and Vigilance Ban (k) Reversion 8. Retirement, dismissal, discharge, release and regination (a) Pre-mature discharge after inquiry (b) Discharge on medical ground (c) Discharge on misconduct (d) Discharge on the ground of reduction of strength (e) Discharge on the ground that the recruit is unlikely to become efficient soldier (f) Discharge due to red - ink entry (g) Discharge due to non grant of extension (h) Discharge on compassionate ground (i) Other discharge 14. Grant of pension, family pensions, other retirement benefits and interest on retrial benefits 24.

The ‘Pensioners and tax’ section of our website provides information on many tax issues facing pensioners.

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