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They make me very proud that I no longer call myself a Christian The days of watching “Little People Big World” for any legitimate or good reasons are long gone. This is supposed to show how Zach isn’t into the trip or some BS tension building between them. A wise man once said the most obvious answer is often the correct answer. All thru the show Jeremy is credited for saying “I’m trying to get Zach out of his comfort zone”. Jeremy thinks everyone should do what he does and be like him. Jeremy whines to the camera trying to be adorable about how sad it is that Zach slept for a couple of hours after being up 36 hours (if you can believe anything on this fake and staged show) he walked around the streets alone. He posts pictures of the Roloffs off the internet in albums called “My Friends”. He might be a security utility dude that pushes people out of the way when they’re filming. I don’t want to confuse my IMDB friends so from this point on, only what appears in Bold is what was posted on Facebook. Dude Mark comes back from being on the “road” to see the little conversation between me and the Jer-Bear! Mark: this is not the place to blast my good friends, if you feel like you must comment in the neg i feel sorry for you. I am on the rode but deleat him from my friend list. Maybe I was wrong or maybe the Jer Bear was lying again, but even so, that counts as BLASTING Jeremy! Everyone’s favorite racist spewing, homophobic bigoted self-centered TV star, Jeremy Roloff, a couple of years ago insulted people who work at places like pumping gas. These “Christians” that wrote a book about their big values are bold face liars. One example is when they went Orlando for another vacation. I remember reading on this Roloff blog resort company told exactly what happened. I guess they just got back from another huge vacation around Europe. On fans the difference between Jon and Kate and the Roloffs is honesty. Those are a few reasons why Jon and Kate aren’t as revolting as the Roloff family and Little People Big World. ), but they also give off the vibe that they can be all buddy buddy together. I think there is the “My little princess/daddy’s girl” thing going on there. Something about Amy saying Jacob was depressed and feeling worthless.

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I thought he was going to poke Matt with a stick to see if he was alive. The great hoax that TLC and the Roloff pulled off as they’re getting more attention by tricking people into thinking Matt had a heart attack than they’ve had in years. That’s what the Roloffs are about as Christians, they make Jesus Christ proud by doing as Jesus and sacrificing any morals they must have to do any trick and stunt and tasteless cliffhangers for tv ratings and attention. But the important thing is she admitted she didn’t like fans. Obviously she’s a pretty crappy person to get rich off the fans and then dislike the fans, but at least she was honest. Interviews and newsletters they say the entire family loves the fans and are so appreciative of the fans for the support.

But hey the Roloffs are the people that have Jeremy saying N*gger and Fagg*t” and don’t even apologize or care. But the truth is, because Jeremy and Zach and the rest of their friends got busted for trashing fans.

Yes the same people that used to arrogantly say they didn’t do the show to be celebrities or for the money begged and clawed there way back to whatever TLC would give them. Btw, AWESOME detailed information article about Jacob Mueller and Jeremy Roloff from the Spiritswander blog. Not much, Jeremy Roloff caught once again being a jerk. They went on a cruise where they were spoiled to the nines that they’re going to attempt to make it look like charity for Haiti, but other people on the cruise report that Jeremy was a jerk. That’s why Jeremy at 20 is sitting home in his messy room, relying on mommy to wake him up, cook his breakfast (in absence of Amy, it’s a private cook) while he sits on the couch scratching himself and then ventures out to play with his playmate friends as though he was a wee little child. Lying and tricking and deceiving people again in search of higher ratings. The Roloffs like to pretend that their show is about education.

Less than a year of being off tv, the Roloffs can’t live without some TLC money and attention. Seriously what they’ve taught me is that most Christians like the Roloffs deseparately lack morals, character, honesty and overall, they suck as people.

I’m still ROFLMAO at Molly’s uber fake “Fatherrrrrrrrrrr????????? He can’t muster up any emotion for the staged scene. By the way Roloff Family and Faith Bible friends: the whole stunt into worrying stupid fans was even more deplorable considering poor old Mike Detjen did die of a heart attack.

Maybe that’s why his once rumored modeling career never amounted to anything. Jeremy gets a paper cut (I don’t know what from, he wouldn’t be near a book, he must have fun playing like a 10 year old! You guys think it’s so funny into tricking people and portraying something as serious when it’s not? In the big divorce episode on Jon and Kate, they were honest about everything. ‘Course she was saying a line of BS about how she now appreciated fans because she met them as they were lining up buying her book at her book signings.

Thanks Roloffs for teaching me how to be Christ like…if that’s the way Christians live, I am very glad that I’m not a Chrisitan. By the name, what do you think the Producer is doing? By telling them where to stand, where to go, what to talk about. Give one friend, Dan Meichtry credit for coming clean and saying he was wrong and they were mean to people.

Christians need a lesson in morals, character, honesty, kindness and goodness. They “say” (and take that for what its worth because everything on this show stinks of being lies, scripted and staged) that they have 1 day in Paris and don’t want to spend hours waiting in line. Matt confesses he will “work the system” He says it is dangerous for him and his little son to wait in line because their heads are near everyone’s butts and the smell could kill them. The Roloffs being Jesus praising Christians, don’t mind lying. All the other freebie stuff the Roloffs get including the restored Volkswagen and Zach’s custom made bike, are all passed off on the show as Matt Roloff saying “A friend of mine”. But the point is while they really were trashing fans and calling them losers, but publicly the lying Roloffs were saying they love the fans.

At 20, he’s still not responsible enough in his parents or employer’s (Discovery TLC) eyes to speak for himself.

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