Jewish dating spots

I really wanted to try to find something new, to tell the world our little Jewish secrets.There must be something beyond talking about our favorite restaurant in Boca (Too Jay's Deli), my mahjong game, or how many times we're going to see Hamilton.

What and where we are is a difficult question for me. I also run the storytelling show known as You're Being Ridiculous, where the audience is made up mostly of Jews.

I have a very Jewish job as the administrator for Kol Hadash. I'm surrounded; I'm literally running into Jews I know all of the time and all over the place, so my perspective is a little skewed.

Choose to date honorably, not wasting someone’s time or taking advantage of his or her generosity.

What and where are the places you run into Jews you know? You've probably already listed five places while reading this sentence.

If I've gleaned anything from my research, it's that you're probably reading this from one of the places listed below, and if you're not, you're more than likely on your way. This is the place to go if you're looking to find a Jew you know, or make a new Jewish friend. I visited Ema -- a new-ish Mediterranean restaurant from C. Jacobson of Top Chef fame -- this summer with a group of awesome Jews I know. Kaufman's is one of the very best Jewish Deli's in the Chicago area.

You will love the hummus, falafel, crispy broccoli, and everything else on the menu. Their frozen Greek yogurt is worth risking your life. Bring your favorite Jew with you and shop in their bakery and adorable little grocery store while you wait on your favorite sandwich to be made.I decided to get very serious about it and ask my friends and family, "Where are we and what do we do? I even talked to my neighbors, and I make it a rule to never talk to my neighbors." I got so excited to discover new answers to this question that I asked without any explanation, so most of my friends and family thought I had lost my mind. What I discovered is that there really is nothing new under the sun.So what I learned is what we have always known: Jews love food. Most of our holidays are attached to food, so it makes perfect sense.Here they are then, in no particular order, the 18 restaurants you're most likely to run into a Jew that you know. Please have the Hoppel Poppel, please have the matzah ball soup, please eat all of your free pickles.When I tell you this yogurt is life changing, I mean it. Dove's Luncheonette offers counter style seating on a first-come, first-serve basis.

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