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Other users challenged the claims, accused the posters of anti-Semitism and rejected the allegation that Israel was an ‘apartheid state’.

New rules which tighten the hard-Left’s grip on Labour were passed by party officials last night.

They murder innocent Palestinians including children and torture and oppress them.’Jacky Cox wrote: ‘She’s in a win-win situation, the Israeli government will keep her in power and her and her friends will make money selling arms.’ Jeremy Corbyn has been accused of failing to deal with anti-Semitism in the party since he became leader.

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For Jewish influences in the USA, I recommend Kevin Mac Donald's books.

He's an evolutionary psychologist, with tenure, in California.

Lynne Gillard wrote: ‘Mayhem and her husband, the night before she moved into Downing Street, had a celebratory dinner with the Chief Rabbi. Her and her husband are Jews.’Kim Marie added: ‘You don’t get anywhere in British politics unless you do or you are Jewish. Weird, isn’t it, the Jews now acting like the Nazis?!

’John Anderson wrote: ‘Zionist satanic isreali (sic) regime is one of the most barbaric evil regimes in the world.

Mrs May praised Israel as a ‘remarkable country’ ahead of the centenary of the 1917 Balfour Declaration which announced British support for the creation of a Jewish State.

It sparked a string of disturbing responses suggesting Mrs May, the daughter of an Anglican vicar, is Jewish, that Israel is ‘satanic’, and Jews are ‘like Nazis’.If you don't believe me, and, after all, evidence is what's needed, read and see.Only those people who research for themselves will ever see this material.It's not published by a mainstream publisher—publishing is Jewish-controlled—but by an expensive press and, more recently, by less expensive print-on-demand technology, a by-product of Internet. His books are intellectually cautious—for example, nothing on Malthus, and not much on white eugenics theory; no Khazar theory, no 'holocaust denial'; nothing on: Kennedy's murder related to currency, Gulf of Tonkin, 'Liberty', 9/11, or science revisionism.The power of his books derives from the detail—page after page of secret Jewish activity, Jewish false names, Jewish unremitting and unscrupulous lies and deceit, Jewish organisations fronted by rented idiots.It is expected to be approved by the Labour Party conference next week.

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