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In a series of messages posted on his public account, the boxer revealed plans to leave the model, and alleged she had been speaking to fellow athlete Anthony Joshua, sharing a series of screenshots which he believed were messages between the two.

After Faryal then claimed their social media accounts had been hacked, he took to Snapchat to confirm their relationship was over, in a candid video for fans.

British boxer Amir Khan made his personal life very public on Friday when he logged on to Twitter and started lobbing wild accusations at his wife, Faryal Makhdoom Khan, and fellow Brit Anthony Joshua, who just happens to be the WBA heavyweight champion of the world.

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There is a spark of attraction between her and Pandey and a liaison follows.

Gordon and Pandey's friendship is challenged following the introduction of a new rifle: the Enfield rifled musket.

In the aftermath, Gordon is listed as having joined the rebellion against the British Raj.

The film ends with a montage of drawings of the historical rebellion and the narrator describes the progress of the Indian independence movement over the next century.

While fighting in the Anglo-Afghan Wars, he saves the life of his regiment’s officer, Captain John William Gordon (Toby Stephens).

Gordon is indebted to Pandey and a strong friendship develops between them, transcending rank and race.

At one point, Pandey and Gordon engage in hand-to-hand combat as the latter tries to dissuade his friend from what he believes to be a futile exercise that will only lead to certain death.

The Company moves to quickly stop the uprising by bringing in army units from Myanmar (Burma).

Rumours spread among the sepoys that the paper cartridges, which hold the powder and ball for the rifle, are greased with either pig fat or beef tallow.

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