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"You guys stand out from other radio stations," says the band's co-founder Josh Carter.

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But as they progressed, their sound became less individual and weird in order to fit in with the prevailing tides of popular sounds.

To that end, Three is the first album where they used a producer and worked with songwriters to help wade deeper into the mainstream.

Phantogram's third album, the simply titled Three, marks the point where their music lost any traces of originality and charm and simply became more fodder for the pop music machine.

The duo of Josh Carter and Sarah Barthel started off making pop-informed music; they were never doing anything avant-garde or too daring.

Take two artists with distinct styles, throw them into a studio, and hope that magic happens.

So how does a collaboration work when the sounds are so fundamentally different?

Grouping three of them in a row dead center is an energy suck that basically ruins any chance Three had of righting the ship after a rocky start.

There's no brilliant pop song like "Fall in Love" or beautiful ballad like "Bill Murray" from their superior previous album, Voices, to bail them out this time; Three underwhelms from beginning to end.

Big Boi’s style ranges from the sound he was essential in pioneering for the Atlanta hip hop scene, to the funky-synths found on his solo debut Phantogram’s music, on the other hand, is rooted in the outrageously catchy melodies of electronic-pop.

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