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So difficult, in fact, that I gave up on the book not even a third of the way through.

I have since purchased a paperback copy and will be giving the book another try, because I am sure it is an excellent read.

It's truly a pleasure to experience his way of writing, but fact remains that the continuously recurring sex scenes totally dominates the entire book. You just know what are about to happen, because the same thing happens over and over again from start to finish.

No matter how entertaining these scenes are in themselves; eventually one finds himself being nothing but disappointed whenever a new woman enters the story and meets Mr. This, in turn, overshadows the great talent possessed by Kwiatek, because regardless of how satisfying all the sex might be; it's still the sections that can be found in between that make up the best reading.

“The woman wasn’t just murdered — she was butchered.” “This body was dismembered and the cuts looked clean, like it was chainsawed.” The man and his wife spotted the naked, decomposing body in Red Hook channel while out walking their dog around a.m.

The legs were also missing parts, and that there was a tattoo on the left thigh, he added.

At the tender age of sixteen, he ran away with the carnival and never looked back. Kwiatek is the author of Unleash Your Dolphin-Human Potential and The Dolphin-Human Potential World-Mastery Diet. I tried to look for elements of Bukowski or Burroughs or Thompson or any of the great "dirty realism" writers that I love.

A graduate of the "School of Hard Knocks," he sees his future very optimistically and would love to play King Lear. Though certain portions of text (albeit rarely) may have made me laugh I could find little of what makes the previous authors so good in "Tattoo".

This isn't good enough to mop up Bukowski's spilled wine and to use his name (on the back cover) is disingenuous at best and fraudulent at worst. Pornographic, poorly written and filled with the most tired cliches that one can imagine. That is, when he's not busy having sex with most, if not all, women who come his way.

I am not put off by sex in my reading material, but this was beyond ridiculous. Wherever he turns he's always able to find someone from the opposite sex (every one of them, with one single exception, with enormous [..]; apparently the author has some sort of [...]) who is more than willing to do the funky stuff with him, and very early in the book it becomes apparent that he truly deserves the name given to him. If you're looking for nasty sex, worthy of any xxx-rated movie, then Tattoo of a Naked Lady will most definitely satisfy your needs, since all the scenarios manage to be both quite varying and innovative.

"...it's John Waters meets Russ Meyer meets Jim Thompson's 'The Grifters' meets 'Debby Does Dallas.'" -- Java's Bachelor Pad, Sept 2001"...it's John Waters meets Russ Meyer meets Jim Thompson's 'The Grifters' meets 'Debby Does Dallas.'" -- Java's Bachelor Pad, Sept 2001 Java's Bachelor Pad, Sept 2001"It's hilarious!

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