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The City of Battle Ground Public Safety Complex, Sept.

As Cicco sees the dog approaching, he jumped back into his car and shut the door, as anyone afraid of police attack dogs may do.

Once again, Officer Wijnen-Riems opened the car door, this time aided by his dog, who began to viciously attack him, biting him under the arm, in the armpit, exposing gaping wounds. As the Beaver Countian reported last year, before the dash cam video was released, witnesses to the attack reported that the officers forced the dog to “eat” Cicco during the confrontation — after he was placed in handcuffs. Wijen-Riems claimed he saw Cicco reaching for what he thought was a taser.

Cicco fought the charges and his case was brought to trial.

The jury could not agree on a verdict, ending the court case in a mistrial.

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It appears Cicco unbuckled his own seatbelt, at which time the officer then flung him to the ground.

Instead of placing the man in handcuffs, he went back to his vehicle and released his attack dog, a German-Shepherd.

The incident was captured on dash cam and shows a graphic take down of a non-threatening man who was brutally assaulted by police for no reason.

Part of the attack happened after he was placed in handcuffs as well.

Wijnen-Riems can be seen in the dash cam footage approaching Cicco’s car. Cicco getting out of his vehicle with both hands palms out and raised and then he only retreats into his vehicle as officer releases the K-9,” Benyo explained.

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